Thermal blackout roller blinds

Thermal blackout roller blinds are ideal for protecting your premises from overheating and minimizing sun reflections on the screens of your devices. These sun and heat blinds are made of a special fabric, which is covered on the outside with a mirror layer reflecting sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The interior is bronze, gray or bluish, slightly darkens your premises, but you are free to admire the views from the window.
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Thermal blackout roller blinds
However, after admiring the images, many people admit that living or working in such premises causes some inconveniences. In particular, it is very difficult to use electronic devices with a screen in these rooms. Significant amounts of sunlight enter through the giant windows, resulting in more sun reflections on the screens. Also, such rooms are very hot in the summer and it is almost impossible to be without air conditioning.
Fabric of the highest standards
Thermal blackout roller blinds have exceptional quality and multifunctional fabric. This fabric not only protects from sunlight and heat, but at the same time is completely transparent from the inside of the premises. As a result, you will be able to see images clearly outside the window, but from the outside, they are covered with a mirror reflection, so no one can see what you are doing indoors. While holding rays and heat, at the same time, these blinds let in daylight. Therefore, you will not have to sit in blind darkness or use electricity. This sunlight will become non-dazzling, so you can easily use a computer, telephone or other equipment with screens. Thermal blackout roller blinds have gray, silver or bronze fabrics. These metal-like shades go well with any home or office interior. Also, low flammability of these blinds meets Class B1 safety requirements. As a result, these roller blinds are much safer than usual and can be used without fear for saunas, kitchens and other rooms with high temperatures or open fires.This fabric stands out for its ability to block UV and sunlight. These blinds absorb 27% of the sun and heat, reflect 70% and transmit only 3% of the sun’s rays. At the same time, by transmitting light into the room, it blocks more than 90% of the UV rays that are harmful to your health.Despite all these exceptional features, these blinds are durable. Both the roller blind mechanism and the fabric itself are made of the highest quality materials, so they do not change their shape over time, and do not fade. You can clean the fabric with a wet cloth or sponge, just like regular roller blinds.
Why thermal blackout roller blinds from "Solemlux"?

• Effectively protects from sunlight and heat
• Protects against UV rays
• Reduces air conditioning costs
• Very easy to clean
• Easy installation
• Low flammability (class B1)
• Transparent on the inside

Thermal blackout roller blinds are for those, who are looking for maximum comfort at home! These blinds reflect sunlight and heat and are made using patented technology from the highest quality materials that meet the most demanding standards. The fabric of these blinds reflects up to 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays and reduces indoor heating by up to 85%. Therefore, you will continue to be able to enjoy the beautiful views outside the window and at the same time, enjoy maximum comfort.

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