Insect screen frame

All types of insect screen frames are almost invisible, but at the same time protect not only from insects but also from wind-carrying milk or poplar fluff, falling leaves or other larger wind-carrying dust.
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Insect screen frame
These insect screen frames are very easy and quick to attach to your window frames, but do not completely interfere with closing and opening the window. We install all types of safety insect screen frames from the outside of the window. We use special metal plates for fastening. They can be attached to plastic, wooden or aluminum windows. Typically, these insect screen frames are installed for the entire warm season and then removed, but can also be used year-round. The simple fastening mechanism makes them extremely easy to remove and install.
Different types of insect screen frame

We offer three types of insect screen frames. All these insect screen frames will protect you from insects, but each has additional features or characteristics.

From Insects it is a standard, indistinguishable frame from insects. Slightly protects against dust, and larger wind-borne dirt such as fluff, falling leaves, and so on.

Anti-allergic insect screen frame against insects is a fabric of significantly higher density, so it perfectly protects against plant pollen, which causes allergies. At the same time, it provides significantly better protection against normal dust, but does not completely stop the air circulation.

"Invisible screen frame“ is against insects, does not protect against dust and allergies, but perfectly performs its function in protecting against insects. It is made of carbon fiber; its fabric threads are extremely strong and almost completely invisible. This insect screen frame transmits significantly more light to the premises, as well as an easier view of the outdoors.

The insect screen frames can also be additionally sealed on the sides to prevent insects from slipping through the gaps between the frames.

Used not only at home
Insect screen frames are usually visible in the home environment, on terraces or on the balconies of apartment buildings. However, they are also used in restaurants, cafes, grocery stores or other manufacturing facilities. They serve perfectly, protecting the premises from unwanted flies, mosquitoes and other insects attracted by light or smell.
Why insect screen frames from "Solemlux"?
• Easy and fast installation
• Easy to remove and install
• The frame is almost invisible
• Does not reduce the natural light in the room
• Does not interfere with the full opening of the window
• Holds firmly even in strong winds or rain
• Provides complete protection against insects
• Protects against pollen
• Long-lasting product

Insect screen frames are a great choice for people who like comfort and cleanliness at their home. The highest quality SOLEMLUX products will allow you to enjoy the fresh air by fully opening the windows of the house, without fear of insects, dust and other dirt.


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