Panel blinds

Panel blinds are characteristic for their overlapping strips. When sliding blinds, these strip fabrics overlap with each other, creating an exclusive atmosphere in your premises. This innovative window covering solution simply exudes subtlety and elegance.

Panel blinds
Panel blinds are one of the most functional and fastest growing interior solutions for covering large shop windows. It is a window covering system, made up of lightweight and high-quality vertical strips. These strips are mounted on a horizontal rail, similar to traditional vertical blinds. You can install this rail in a window recess or in the ceiling. Installation is extremely simple and uncomplicated, so you can do it yourself.

Panel blinds are also known as screens. Their operation is very similar to vertical blinds. Like many other blinds, it can be operated with a cord, handle or sliding by hand. The cord control mechanism allows the strips of the panel blind to slide from the edges towards the middle or all in one direction to the side. You can do the same by pushing by hand. Thanks to the high-quality fabric, it is difficult to smear or to get dirty.

This method of operation will allow you to fully control the light flow in your chosen premises. These panel blinds are easily retracted and moved in all directions. You can leave the blinds on the left, right or split in both directions. You can lock in any position to help protect yourself from the sun, also convenient at the balcony.

Application of panel blinds

The main difference between these and vertical blinds is the band stripe. A stripe of fabric can be from 40 cm to 1 meter wide. The total maximum width of one blind is 8 meters, the height is not limited.

Looking at new, modern apartment buildings, private houses and offices it is difficult to imagine them without large glass facades and impressive shop windows. As a result, the problem of covering windows from direct sunlight or the eyes of passers-by is very common.

In these cases, it is worth paying attention to panel blinds. Their exceptional functionality and versatility will allow them to adapt to windows of any size. This makes it a popular solution for covering large panoramic windows or shop windows.

The popularity of panel blinds is constantly growing; they are used not only as a window covering. Recent trends show that these blinds are used as an interior detail to cover walls, as an alternative to sliding doors or to separate spaces in a room.

Why panel blinds from "Solemlux"?
• Simple and easy installation
• Wide selection of colors and fabrics
• Easy to apply to any interior
• Perfect for covering large spaces
• Convenient to cover large windows, showcases, niches
• Used for non-standard interior solutions
• Fabric width from 40 cm to 1 meter
• Protects the premises from direct sunlight
• Easy to maintain and clean

Panel blinds are perfect for the people who often like to update the interior. In order to change the appearance of the blinds, you do not need to change the entire control system, just change the fabric strips. Therefore, you can change the look of your interior depending on the seasons or just the mood. So, you can be more protected from the sun during the sunny season. In winter, you can get natural light indoors by using lighter strips.

In one blind system, you can combine up to 5 different fabrics. A wide selection of colors will allow you to find the solutions you want, both for those looking for a classic look and for those who want unique, non-traditional, extravagant solutions. For those looking for luxury, we have a rich selection of elegant patterns.

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