Roller blinds Standart

Standart blinds are an economical and practical choice for all types of windows or doors. These blinds do not have a cassette that hides the twisted roller blind fabric. You can mount them directly on the window frame, in a niche or on the ceiling. They are attached with two small brackets. Like other types, classic roller blinds are controlled by a chain, handle or electric motor.
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Wide selection of fabrics

The blinds can be monochrome, with patterns, motley or a prestigious German collection. In total, there are more than 600different fabric patterns, colors and shades. This rich choice will allow everyone to fulfill their desires and desires when creating home or work interiors.

High quality fabric does not fade, does not change its shape over time. Therefore, classic blinds will last for many years. This fabric does not attract dust and is easy to care for.

Non-combustible fabrics are also used in the production of roller blinds. This type of roller blinds can be used in rooms where high fire safety requirements apply.

Before choosing classic roller blinds, find out your needs and create a vision. Think about what image you want to extract. First of all, choose the fabric that suits you best. If you want to hide more from direct sunlight, choose a denser or completely opaque fabric. If you want a little light in the room even when the blinds are closed, choose a thinner fabric.

Of course, when you are buying roller blinds, do not forget to take into account the prevailing colors of the premises. Try to choose fabrics of a similar tone and shade. This will allow you to create a seamless, cozy and warm-looking interior.

Suitable for large windows

Standart blinds are not only suitable for thin, heavy or rubberized fabrics, but also for extremely large windows. We can produce roller blinds of extremely large dimensions with a maximum width of 4 meters and a height of up to 3.5 meters.

A simple and multifunctional mounting method provides these blinds a wide range of applications. Optionally they can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or just a window frame. Therefore, standart blinds can be applied to windows of all shapes and sizes. With one roller blind, you can cover several windows at once, you can use them to cover shop windows, glass walls or to separate different indoor spaces.

Standart blinds. Maintenence and control

The classic blinds have a conventional management system. It is uncomplicated and easy to understand. The most common control method is a circuit. Pulling the chain to one side will lower the roller blind fabric, and to the next, you move them up. You can lock the roller blind in any position, so you can easily control the flow of light entering the room.

Our recommendation is remote control. It is the most convenient and at the same time the safest way for children. there are no chains or cords In this control system. Therefore, it ensures maximum safety for children. With this control method, the classic blinds are raised and lowered using the remote control. This is especially handy with large windows or showcases that are difficult to access.

Why standart blinds from "Solemlux"
• Easy installation (2 side brackets)
• Attractive price
• Suitable for large windows
• Wide variety of fabric
• Wide selection of colors and patterns
• Possibility to cover several windows with one blind

It is because of these features that these blinds are used both at home and in office or shop environments. Roller blinds of this type become an economical and practical solution that creates coziness and an exclusive environment. An extremely wide selection of colors and patterns will help to create the desired interior.

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